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19, May, 2021

Episode 2 of Expert's Voice is Officially Open to Register

Expert’s Voice, Episode 2: Case Studies: immersion into VUE Smart for more evident details, to be shared by Dr. Asad Dajani, the first OMOM user in Mideast, read 1000+ capsule endoscopy cases in 15 years.

Jinshan News

26, February, 2021

JINSHAN Impedance-pH Hands-on Training Debuted in Ukraine

Congratulations! Another great accomplishment!

实博体育网站A JINSHAN Impedance-pH training was successfully held at the Kyiv District Hospital in Ukraine. Dr. Volodymyr Pyrogovskyy and Dr. Agnia delivered a vivid hands-on training for the visiting scholars.

Jinshan News

19, November, 2020

“Future Is Now”- CEGS2020 Highlights

The 3rd Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (CEGS) was held in Chongqing, China on 15 November 2020. Around the summit theme “The Future Is Now”, the experts shared and exchanged science, technology and academics, focusing on hot topics of capsule endoscopy.


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